8 week Meisner and Acting for Film

October 21st - December 13th 2024


October 21st - December 13th 2024

Application deadline:

Applications until October 16th


Core (Meisner-Camera): 1400.- Full incl. Voice and Movement 2200.-

8 week Meisner and Acting for Film

The Studio, home to Germany's leading professional Meisner classes, embarked just over fifteen years ago on our first year-long, foundational acting programmes.

This 8 week intensive introduction is a unique opportunity for anyone who is serious about the craft of acting, and is looking to train, or re-train, the necessary skills. What follows is the framework of our upgraded ACTING FOR CAMERA PROGRAMME.

Since its formation the Studio, directed by André Bolouri, has been redefining the training of actors and directors here in Germany. Based in equal measure on European, English and American traditions, our unique approach to acting will teach you, in absolutely practical ways, to relate deeply to your inner truth, to your partner's behaviour and react from moment to moment. Taught by André Bolouri and other members of the team, this is the most comprehensive unfolding of the Meisner Technique and its further development by André Bolouri to train the actor to become self-reliant and to discover the depth of his potential.

Which will give him the confidence to meet the demands of today's acting industry while inspiring the artist within him-/herself. These 8 weeks will allow you to be playful, spontaneous and authentic in every moment of your work and will lead you to a genuine openness and freedom in front of the camera.

The emphasis, as ever, is on a vigorous and lively contact with your acting partner, reacting from moment to moment with truthful behaviour and uncensored emotion. You will work to strengthen your imaginative life and stimulate your faith in the given circumstances of the scene. Acting demands transparency and authenticity at all times, and Meisner's nurturing of a strong inner life and outer effortlessness is the perfect system of study for screen or stage work.The Core Program also includes:Dominik Stegmann who is an experienced acting coach with a strong background in script-analysis, working with successful German actors and actresses. He created a unique programme to support the actor in his work in front of the camera and his/ her preparation of the script. He is directing and teaching our camera-training.

This Programme is suitable for experienced or new actors, who wish to create or refresh a solid foundation for their work.


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