5 week summer intensive

29.07. - 29.08.2024


July 29th - August 29th

Application deadline:

apply until July 25th



international summer intensive

The five-week Meisner acting programme, led by André Bolouri, has proven to be an introduction to our special way of working – tailored to the requirements of the actors – and is suitable for actors who want to be inspired in their work and free their joy of acting, as well as to penetrate deeper into the understanding and skills of true acting. This five-week intensive course will help you build a solid foundation, refine your sense of sincerity and openness, and respond in a lively and honest way.

Training of the essential elements for playing in front of the camera

The core module for the acting training will consist of up to six sessions of the Meisner Technique per week, in which we will train the essential skills: listening, spontaneous and honest reaction to the partner, sincere being from moment to moment. We work on Meisner's basic exercises, which meet the requirements of modern acting and give the actor the tools to face the various challenges with a desire to play. We go from the first exercise, the repetition, to "real doing and experiencing under imagined circumstances", and finally - after further exercises and a deeper examination of the art of acting - we apply the training in practice in a scene work.

We develop and expand the ability to truly experience and act within imagined circumstances, as well as to set goals, relationships, and meanings that challenge you. These elements are irreplaceable for inspiring, authentic and moving acting, for your presence and charisma. The development of your type plays a central role in all our modules, because it is what makes you unmistakable and gives your playing truthfulness, immediacy and intimacy.

additional modules for the development of the artistic personality

Every actor, whether professional or just starting out, will be challenged and encouraged here. The timetable in the overall program includes Meisner training, supported by voice work for voice jobs and dubbing, camera training and casting preparation.Bewerbungsverfahren und Kursdetails

The course is tailored and developed for professional Schauspieler_innen. We work in small groups to guarantee the best working conditions for both the Teilnehmer_innen and the Dozent_innen and thus quality both in training and for the showreel. Therefore, a work sample or a selection interview is part of our selection process.

Applications: CV showing previous acting experience and, if applicable, link to the website (CASTFORWARD profile / agency / other platform / showreel / homepage) to: mail@studio-ab.de

Application deadline: 24.07.2024 - In order to achieve the best possible individual results, we work in small groups. Therefore, a work sample or a selection interview is part of our selection process.

Cost: 2390.-€ incl. About Me

Funding: GVL may be possible


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